Top 5 Spy Apps to Monitor iPhone Without Jailbreaking

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Hacking an iPhone device is not an easy task. In 2019, Apple offered to pay hackers $1 million if they could hack an iPhone and explain how they did it. If for nothing, it shows just how seriously Apple takes its security protocols.

Unfortunately for Apple and fortunately for you, they’ve not found a way to deal with spy apps just yet. Hence, we’ll show you how to spy on an iPhone without jailbreak using the best 5 iPhone spyware.

Why Do People Need iPhone Spyware Without Jailbreak? 

There are several reasons why people use iPhone spy apps with no jailbreak. However, the most common ones are for protecting their family or company interests. Let’s take a look at each reason in more detail.

Parental Control

From online bullying to mixing with the wrong crowd, there’s always a chance your kids may be dealing with a problem they can’t handle on their own. This is why many parents take it upon themselves to spy on their kids, so they’re aware of these problems to do their parenting jobs effectively.

Unfaithful Spouses

People who aren’t sure about their partner’s fidelity commonly use spy apps to find out if they’re being cheated on. Since spy apps work remotely, you can monitor your partner without their knowledge. That way, you can know for sure if your spouse is a cheater and don’t raise any suspicion from your partner’s side.

Business Efficiency

Of course, spying on your employee is not such a great thing to do, but sometimes it’s the only thing to do. Employers who have reasons to believe an employee may be leaking valuable company secrets may want to install a spy app on the employee’s device to confirm the suspicions. 

Best 5 iPhone Spyware Apps 

Whether you’re a concerned parent or a spouse trying to find out the truth, the following spy apps are bang on to give you the best results for iPhone monitoring without jailbreak.


mspy app

mSpy is arguably one of the best iPhone spyware apps on the market. It’s relatively affordable and possesses many impressive features on par and even better than other apps with a higher subscription fee. While it’s not a free iPhone spy app without jailbreaking, the features make it worth your while.

Some of the features of mSpy are:

  • Track text messages
  • View call history
  • Monitor instant messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Track emails
  • View media files
  • Keyword alert
  • Keylogger

Here are the steps to follow when spying on an iPhone device with mSpy:

  1. Get the victim’s iCloud credentials which allow you to spy on iPhones without app installation.
  2. Visit mSpy’s website to subscribe to one of the packages they offer. Choose the no-jailbreak package. After you have successfully subscribed, mSpy will send you an email containing the instructions on installing the software.
  3. With mSpy successfully installed, you can monitor the victim’s phone habits on mSpy’s Control Panel on your device without their knowledge.


Spybubble app

SpyBubble has been around for quite a while now. It’s another spy app that allows you to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking. With over 25+ features, SpyBubble provides a lot of options to help make spying a lot easier. The setup process is similar to mSpy. All you need do is head over to the SpyBubble website, pay for a subscription and input the user’s iCloud credentials. You’ll be able to spy on the victim on the app’s Control Panel on your device.

Here are the most valuable features SpyBubble has to offer:

  • Instant messaging apps monitoring
  • Text messages, including iMessage, tracking
  • Call spying
  • Geofencing
  • GPS location


cocospy app

Cocospy is another excellent app that lets you spy on someone’s phone without their knowledge. To gain access to the target phone, you’ll need to open an account on Cocospy’s website and enter the iCloud credentials of the device you wish to spy on. When that’s done, you can download and install the software to monitor the user’s activity on your device.

The following are the most popular features Cocospy has:

  • Geofence alert
  • GPS location
  • Live call tracking
  • Social media tracking 


spyzie app

Spyzie is another option to consider if you wish to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. When it comes to monitoring iOS devices, Spyzie doesn’t require installing it on the target phone. All you need is only the victim’s iCloud credentials, and Spyzie will do the job instead of you. However, currently, its website is under maintenance, indicating the company got into trouble. Thus, you should pay attention to other spy apps.

Spyzie offers similar features to the previous apps:

  • Social media tracking
  • Browser history monitoring
  • Chat history
  • Deleted files monitoring
  • Email tracking


kidsguard app

KidsGuard is a spy app that lets you keep tabs on your kids remotely. To get it working, all you need is to pay for a subscription. To monitor an iPhone with KidsGuard without installing an app, simply provide the user’s iCloud credentials. This allows KidsGuard to hack the victim’s iPhone without physical access to the phone. While the name suggests it’s just a parental control app, you can use KidsGuard to spy on your spouse or employees as well.

The following are the features KidsGuard offers to its users:

  • Social media monitoring
  • iMessage monitoring
  • GPS location
  • View media files

How to Choose a Spy App for Your Needs? 

With so many apps on the market, finding the right spy app for your need can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right iPhone spyware without jailbreak:

  • Pricing. The very first thing to pay attention to is the spy apps’ price. Some of them are quite expensive. But you’ll find apps like mSpy that are quite affordable. If you look hard enough, there are a few other apps that offer great features for a small fee.
  • Compatibility. Some spy apps are not compatible with iPhones. Hence, always read app reviews to determine if the app is compatible with iPhones or not.
  • Features. Not all spy apps possess a keylogger feature or other ones you look for in a spy app. If you want to know the victim’s password on various websites, a keylogger is crucial. Hence, only go for apps that possess the features you need the most.
  • Visibility. The best spy apps for the iPhone are undetectable. So be sure to go for apps that work as background software. This allows you to spy on the victim without getting caught. 


Spying on iPhones is hard, but iPhone jailbreaking is even harder. Luckily, the 5 apps above don’t require jailbreaking before working. Unfortunately, there is no free iPhone spy app with no jailbreak. You’d have to pay a subscription fee to start spying with any of the apps on this list. But as earlier stated, apps like mSpy are pocket-friendly. So while you won’t find iPhone spy apps for free, you’ll certainly find apps that fit your budget.

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